the challenge: in the united states, we are in the charmed time of early summer, between memorial day and independence day. school is winding down. the pools are open. the grills are fired up. we linger longer in beds made up with crisp cottons...it is a magical time of year...we have the chance to honor our history during this time of year. to remember how our nation came to be. to remember those who have lived and died to protect the things we hold most dear. no matter what country you call home, there is opportunity here to celebrate every homeland. every nation. (i hope you will recognize these challenges--they are all borrowed from patriotic songs.)

week one: the emblem of the land i love.
week two: the twilight's last gleaming.
week three: my home sweet home.
week four: stars and/or stripes forever.

and for the twilight's last gleaming.

i love sunsets.
the funny thing is, i only happen to see really good sunsets while i'm driving. so, being the safe and conscientious driver that i am, i slow down a little, pull out my camera and i take a few pictures.
this is a recent sunset i enjoyed...twilight's last gleaming.

and, of course, a self-portrait of me enjoying a sunset, while driving.

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