i heart sytycd.

i know i have never blogged about this before, but one of my favorite summer shows is so you think you can dance (or sytycd).

i have to admit, i was totally against the show during the first season and i didn't watch a single episode. i was over the whole american idol thing, which is what i figured this show was...but for dancers instead. and it is...but oh, it is so much better than american idol.

i can't wait for tomorrow night's episode...when we get to find out who the top twenty dancers are. there are so many great dancers this season, so it will be interesting to see how they narrow the numbers down during the vegas round.

i know this is random, but i am just so excited, i had to share. that's all.

and just for fun, this is my favorite routine from last season.

{image via fox}


  1. So, this has nothing to do with your blog. I happened across it after about 100 other sites. Laur's out "beading" and I got onto one of her blogs and kept hitting the "Next Blog" for about the past 2 hours. Fun times. I think I've been to every continent (I'm not sure. My Spanish skillz can only get me so far).

    B. Ray

  2. Love it. It makes me WISH I could dance like them. As far as trashy reality TV goes, I'm currently addicted to Real World.

  3. Let the competition begin!!! I look so forward to this show and I LOVE that it's a summer show because summer t.v. generally sucks. I already have a few that I'm anxious to see dance.