sunday scribblings.

prompt #115: guide.

i wish that life came with a user's manual or some sort of guide book. sometimes i feel like i am not where i'm supposed to be, that i'm not doing what i am supposed to be doing and that i'm striving to achieve goals that i'm not supposed to achieve.

i know we all have these moments, where nothing seems clear and everything is confusing...and then i remember that i am in control. i am the one who gets to decide what i want to do and where i want to be and what goals i want to achieve. granted, i have to remember to say my prayers and listen for the guidance from the man upstairs...but in the end, i am in charge.

and so when i feel like my world is upside-down and out of control, i must remember i am in charge and that i get to ask for guidance. i guess that i do have a guide book...my own personal guide book, written one day at a time.


  1. such a difficult thing, to deal with life's up and downs, and find reason or rational for it. I guess "be the change" is a good idea too.

  2. hang in there!! you will do fine. Yes read your scriptures too and take time to listen. LOVE YOU

  3. when you listen for guidance it will always come to you - sometimes it's so quietly and gently spoken that we can miss it if we aren't listening well, however --- you are on the right track, though, and eventually like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces begin to fit - very nice post!!!