last night was our monday night dinner group...roku.

jaime was our host and she made the most delicious barbequed pork with baked potatoes. it was her first meal, so she was a little nervous, but it was so good. nothing to be nervous about. besides, we'd eat anything and we'd enjoy it. that's just the kind of group we are. she also made a delicious dessert. it was a pie and i'm not exactly sure what all was in it, but it was chocolate and that is all that mattered.

after we ate, we sat around and laughed. we usually do that. that is my favorite part of dinner group. the fact that we are all so different, yet we can come together and have a good time and laugh and entertain each other and be entertained. when i leave dinner group, i always feel so refreshed and blessed for having the opportunity to spend time with friends.

anyway, i also remembered to take pictures of the "new" group this time, so enjoy.

that's ether and jaime.
she was getting the potatoes out of the oven...thus, the bowl.

it seems that jaime is always happy to pose for a picture, a good quality.
rowdy is on the left and jenni on the right.

me and sara, after finishing our meal...can't you tell how satisfied we were?

see, my empty plate.
(ps. don't you love jaime's silverware? i do.)

back row (left to right): jaime, rowdy, sara.
front row (right to left): ether, jenni, me.


  1. Oh looks like it was fun and makes me miss all of you guys!

  2. i like to think that i am the irreplaceable member of that group. not josh, not mel. ME.