a bit of a girl-crush.

so, ya know how i am a super ridiculous pop culture junkie? well, i am. and there are a couple of shows that i watch to get my fix. i really enjoy best week ever, but not as much as the soup. but even better than the soup is chelsea lately.

i'm not gonna lie...i have a mini girl-crush on chelsea handler. i think she is hilarious. i'm not sure what it is exactly, but i think she is one of the funniest people out there and i laugh everytime i watch her show. plus, she is super beautiful.

i just wanted to share, that's all.


  1. hum, not quite sure how to take that one. i guess good to know.

  2. my bad (is that a phrase anymore?) i guess this proves i am an "old" child of the eighties! who knew girl-crush could be so innocent!?