my dad.

i have been blessed to have the greatest dad in the world. i know everyone says that, but seriously, it's true. my dad is the greatest dad in the world and these are a few reasons why:

  • my dad knows everything. when we were little and we would ask him a question, he had an answer. for every question. an answer. he's a genius. (i do realize now that our questions weren't of the rocket science nature, so he probably legitimately knew the answers, but he may have sometimes just pulled the answers out of thin air...but it doesn't matter, at least he tried.)

  • my dad makes me feel special. i was his goldilocks and i still am...even though i haven't had blonde hair since i was in middle school. and maybe sometimes when i was a bratty teenager, i pretended that i hated when he called me that, but deep down i loved it and still do.

  • my dad is the hardest worker. and he taught all of his kids how to work. and i am grateful for that.

  • my dad taught me to love music, and where would i be without that love. some of my most favorite memories of my dad involve slurpees and kingston trio and a drive.

  • my dad knows how to have a good time and when to have a good time...even though sometimes we think that he is growing into a grumpy old man, he can still have a good time.

  • my dad loves to camp (the kind of camping with a trailer and bed and all, but camping all the same) and he made sure that his girls got the opportunity to go camping with him, too...not just his boys.

  • my dad is always there for me. even when i think i don 't need him to be, he is...just like the greatest dad in the world would be...that's why he is the greatest.

  • and finally, my dad does dishes. enough said.
dad, i love you and i am so grateful for you and all you do for me and for our family.
you truly are the greatest!

love, your goldilocks.


  1. That's so cute! I have that dress you are wearing in the picture. You are so good with words and thinking things through, I really admire that.

  2. you know he even chaned diapers!!Was there anything your dad can't do? I don't think so.