the abc's of me.

the abc's of rachelle:

a – attached or single: single. very, very single. and i like it.

b – best friend: myself. but if that doesn't count, i have three. they are my sisters.

c – cake or pie: cake. yellow cake, to be precise.

d – drink of choice: depends, but i like water and diet mt. dew. and diet coke. and vitamin water. and milk.

e – essential item: only one? my phone.

f – favorite color: green. i like green. but like brown and pink, too.

g – gummi bears or worms: worms. definitely worms.

h – hometown: north logan, utah.

i – indulgence(s): music, tv, the internet, my computer, my camera. chocolate. diet mt. dew. cafe sabor. flip flops. hmm...i'm sure there are more.

j – january or july: january. definitely january. i'd rather be cold than hot.

k – kids: i like them. i like other people's kids best. i love my niece and nephews most.

l – life is incomplete without: my family. my friends.

m – marriage date: don't have one. but i think i'd pick a fall date.

n – number of siblings: five. three sisters and two brothers.

o – oranges or apples: oh. i like both. so both.

p – phobias/fears: losing someone that i love. not reaching my full potential.

q – favorite quote: "courage is fear that has said its prayers." --dorothy bernard

r – reason to smile: life.

s – season: fall.

t – tag three: no thanks. everyone should just do it.

u – unknown fact about me: i don't think there are really any unknown facts about me. some people may just know more than others, but i am pretty much an open book.

v – vegetarian or oppressor of animals: a proud oppressor of animals. i like me some meat.

w – worst habit: procrastinating.

x – x-rays or ultrasounds: ultrasounds are pretty cool, but sometimes i wonder if they just make up what they see.

y – your favorite foods: cafe sabor. asparagus. lucky charms. wheat thins. golden delicious apples. yogurt. apple sauce. green beans. steak (preferably the flying-m kind). salad. roasted potatoes. chocolate--anything chocolate. corn on the cob.

z – zodiac: taurus.

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