i can't be original.

my roommate and i once: made dinner together. hahaha. we haven't known each other for very long and we have very different schedules, so we don't really spend that much time together. but i like her. she is fun. when she is not on the phone. hahaha.

never in my life have i: been skydiving. and i won't. ever. i watched a show on the discovery health channel the other night at work called impact: stories of survival. there was a guy that was skydiving and he had a small accident and fell to the earth going 60 miles an hour. he left a dent in the ground. and shattered his hip. and had bleeding in his brain. and it was all caught on tape. i won't ever skydive. especially after seeing that.

high school was: a good time. i probably should have studied more. i liked high school. no lie. but i probably would never choose to go back.

when i'm nervous: i get butterflies in my stomach.

when i was 5: i was stinking adorable.
when i turn my head left: i see the other computer and desk and chair. and all the stuff on it.

i should be: sleeping. but since i work this crazy, crazy schedule, i am not. i am working.

by this time next year: oh heavens. i have no idea. and it's okay.

my favorite aunt is:
awesome. actually, they are all awesome and beautiful and inspiring and amazing women and i am ever so grateful that they are my aunts. but right now, i have to say that i am the most amazed by my aunt mary. i have always looked up to her and have always been in awe of her ability to juggle twelve things at once and to do all twelve of those things perfectly without breaking a sweat, all while being an amazing and ever involved wife, mother and grandma. and now, as she is fighting breast cancer, her never-say-never attitude and her faith and her willingness to face this head on astounds me. and her grace and dignity in handling this trial in her life amazes me beyond words. she inspires me to be a better person and to try harder. not only am i grateful that i know her, but i am so very thankful that she is my aunt mary.
i have a hard time understanding:
why kids are so stupid. well, at least the kids that i work with.

you know i like you if: i talk to you. or think about you. or know you. or look at you.

my ideal breakfast is: food. i really enjoy me some waffles. but i like pancakes, too. or eggs. or cereal. depends on the mood.

if you visit my
hometown: you will fall in love. okay, maybe not. but you will be surprised at how not backwards it is and how big it really is and how beautiful the mountains are.

if you
spend the night at my house: we will have a good time.

my favorite blonde is: it's a tie between charlie and lola. hahaha.
my favorite brunette is: hmmm...i can't name just one, so i won't name any.

the animal i would like to see flying besides birds: umm...a unicorn, duh.
i shouldn't have been:
so lazy about my education.

last night i: went to
summerfest with sara and melanie. we went to see the pauni family perform polynesian dances. it was cool. unfortunately, i neglected to take pictures. oops.

a better name for me would be: superstar. or just star.

i've been told i look like: my sisters.
if i could have any car, it would be:
a cadillac cts.


  1. very informative and creative with all the pictures. i like your blogs, it's like reading a book sometimes.

  2. thanks for the read, i especially enjoy the pictures. and your new name...star

  3. i especially love the pic of that little you. especially.