self-portrait tuesday (spt).

so, i found a fun tuesday activity while stalking other blogs. it's called self-portrait tuesday. every week, there is a challenge issued and then on tuesday, the participants post their work. i have been thoroughly entertained and have thought about what i would do for each challenge, so i decided to become a "registered" participant. this is my first "real" go at it. hope you enjoy. and if you are entertained/interested...you should do it, too!
  • challenge--now, go ahead and hand your camera to the person on your left. no-one there? okay, how about this: hand your camera to your little one, your husband, your aunt, your best friend. have them snap your photo. ask them to share with you one thing they love about you in the picture. make sure you share their comments when you post your spt.
well, i didn't get around to handing my camera off, but i did have some pictures that my niece had taken of me the last time she was in town visiting. i decided to just email her and ask her which picture was her favorite and why. i gave her three choices. and this is the one she decided she liked the best.

and my cutest niece said that the reason that she liked this picture the most is because i "look funny." and i have to agree. and even though i didn't get ready that morning and i didn't put on make-up and i'm wearing my glasses, i still like this picture. kaylie loves to take pictures and on this day, i was trying to have fun with her and so the fact that she said i look funny warms my heart. i love that kid. and her photography skills.

yea. my first spt. i can't wait for next week.
that's all.


  1. wow, what great lengths you had to go to for your first spt! i am officially impressed!

    it sounds like you and your niece have a great time together.

  2. i can't wait to join!!!!!
    oh my heck...seriously.
    i am excited.