yes...that is really what happened.

so, a couple of weeks ago, at work, i gave myself a black eye. it was a doozy, too. i was on one phone and went to answer the other phone and i smacked myself in the face with the receiver. yes, i really did hit myself in the face. and i know that i could make up a story about how some kid got crazy and i had to take him down and he punched me or something, but i like the true story. it is funny. and i like to laugh. so, yeah, here is my black eye.

this is shortly after it happened, before it got real, real dark.

and that is the phone that i hit myself with. secretly, the day after i hit myself, i hit myself again with the same dang phone. it's not me, it's the phone.

yeah, something like that.

and for the up close.

one of they counselors that i work with said that if he didn't know better, he would think that i was in an abusive relationship. i assured him that neither my grandma, nor my roommate are beating me. hahaha.

that's all.


  1. I get to leave the first comment this time. I still can't believe this is real, you did it again too! Are you sure about the abuse thing?

  2. watch out for those phones...they'll get you everytime

  3. hahahaa...just picturing your little grandma and your sweet roommate blackening your eye makes me laugh uncontrollably. hahaha!