fantastic photo fun.

so, i know that i say this all the time, but at work i have endless hours to "waste" and i spend a lot of that time surfing the internet. well today i found a very entertaining website and so i decided to share. mostly because i think that it is funny and i want to see how everyone else's pictures turn out. so upload a picture of yourself and transform it into art or even other races or ethnicities.

this is the original picture of myself that i uploaded.

and here are some of my favorite transformations. i opted for political correctness, mostly just because i liked the "art" better. but the race/ethnicity pictures were pretty funny, too.

botticelli was an italian painter during the early renaissance and this is what i would have looked like if i would have lived circa 1400 and i had been royalty and could have paid him to paint me.

modigliani was also an italian artist who worked mostly in france in the early 1900s. if we would have been friends round about that time, here's what he would have seen in me.

mucha was a czech artist about the same time that modigliani was around. if i would have lived in prague instead of france during the beginning of the twentieth century and would have been friends with mucha, he would have painted this picture for me.

manga cartoons are japanese cartoons. and if, perchance, i was not a human, but only a character in a japanese cartoon, this is what i would look like.

and finally, because there are not enough pictures of me in an inebriated state circulating out there, here is what i look like drunk. this isn't even close to true. nor are there pictures of me drunk. i've never been drunk. ever.

now everyone, do your part. i want to see you in all your transformed glory.


  1. I love this. It is now on my to-do list for my blog... right along with the "Jodi wants" segment.

  2. now i can't wait to try this...aaaand that last one? i think that's what you'd look like if i were drunk.


  3. Hilarious. I'm so grateful for all your down time at work...the end result is entertainment for me when I'm at work. :)