i'll tell you what i want, what i really, really want.

well, as mentioned below, i sometimes get really bored at work and sometimes i have to prepare myself for the boredom. today, as i was doing my usual blog-stalking, i found this fun little activity. the gist of the activity is to google your name followed by wants. so, i googled "rachelle wants" and i found all kinds of things that i do want and others that i don't. and now, if you easily get bored at work, here is something for you to do to fill the time. thanks to my fellow blogger for this idea.

rachelle wants an apartment in a school district that has good programs for people with disabilities. absolutely. always looking out for the disabled. especially when looking for apartments.

rachelle wants to live like a "normal" family. who doesn't these days? but then again, what is normal?

rachelle wants her mom dead. this is an absolute, blatant lie. i will be suing whoever posted this on the internet. unless it's not really about me.

rachelle wants to arrive in style. it's not that i want to arrive in style...i just do.

rachelle wants to go to paris so that she can shop until she drops. no, i really don't. i have zero desire to go to france, but if you offered a trip to italy...i'm all over it.

rachelle wants them out of her garden now. i can't even figure out why they are there anyway. the garden, of all places.

rachelle wants to go first. sure, why not. learn from my mistakes.

rachelle wants to correct me. yes, but only because you need to be corrected.

rachelle wants to do some "vacationing." i'm not sure why vacationing is in quotation marks. maybe this particular kind of vacationing isn't a good thing. hmmm. but if it is just regular vacationing, then yes, i want some of that...the paid kind.

rachelle wants me to do the metal-sludge tour. only because it is a good way to get your stuff out there. and i ask, why not? metal-sludge sounds fun.

rachelle wants to name it. of course i do. everything needs a name. no need to leave this out.
rachelle wants to name it harper. oh. harper? no, i never said harper.

rachelle probably wants to go out to some fancy restaurant. there is no probably about it. i do. i do want to go to some fancy restaurant. please.

rachelle wants to be a rumble fish next season. yes, because i am tired of being a regular fish.

rachelle wants desperately to smoke, but she has asthma. well, first, i have zero desire to smoke and secondly, i don't have asthma. both terrible internet rumors.

and my favorite...drum roll, please...

rachelle wants 2 b ma utha half. (the translation reads "rachelle wants to be my other half.") yes, i do want that...so i can help you with your grammar/english skillz. brutha. frum anutha mutha.

good times. and now off to find another activity for the remaining five hours of this shift.


  1. i love that you have this much time to surf the internet for absolutely nothing...but entertainment, of course. i think i might have to try this sometime.

  2. i did this a few years ago, and actually saved the response:

    "Eleanor needs stay in her usual place- back in her closet with a deadbolt ..."

    feel the love, people. feel. the LOVE.

  3. I love this and I am definitely going to try it soon! You are funny. "Jodi wants"... to be funny like Chelle!

  4. i think it's "vacationing" because it's the kind of "vacation" you go on when you have the "24-hour flu".

    you know, when you go boating on the lake or skiing or whatever. you choose.

  5. so tell me what you want, what you really really want.

    jeez. i can't believe it took me this long to figure out your song lyric.