i guess i should write something real. not a prompted post. i love prompted posts, though. they are so easy. and i guess they are "real." just prompted. there is nothing wrong with that.

anyway, so much has been happening. no promises on individual posts for these events, but here is a bulleted list. i love bulleted lists, too.
  • i got to road trip by myself. and i loved it. and i can't wait to do it again. i drove to vegas to visit my parents and then went on to l.a. to visit a friend (you should totally check out her brand new blog...you'll like it).
  • while in l.a., we went to see jay nash. it was an album release show. it was amazing. it was at hotel cafe. my bucket list includes visiting the best music venues in the country. hotel cafe is on that list. check. only 39 left to go.
  • in a matter of 36 hours, i drove from beach to snowy mountains. it was a little bizarre. i want to live at the beach. please. thank you.
  • my nephew turned five. it's crazy to think that he will be in school next year. it seems like just yesterday he was born. i love that kid. even if he is trouble with a capital t. he's just so darn cute, he can't help it.
  • jay nash came to logan and played a show at the logan arthouse and cinema. it was fantastic. super, duper fantastic. nash was having trouble with the amp, so he unplugged his guitar and stepped away from the mic and rocked it...super acoustic style. loved it. i love when i get something different than i was expecting from a show.
  • jay brought joey ryan and kenneth pattengale with him to logan. i'm in love. i mentioned them in a previous post, but just to reiterate, they are fantastic. they will move you. seriously. seriously. go get their free album here. you won't regret it. in fact, i will guarantee that you will love it.
  • this show was an up close and personal experience for me. i got to help jay nash sell his merchandise. i got to have a personal conversation with him prior to the show. and i got to converse with jay, joey and kenneth after the show. it was delightful. i love musicians and music and the whole thing. and i love that i got to share the experience with my fab friends (you know who you are...thanks for showing up).
  • i don't have much else to add to this bulleted list. i just like bulleted lists, so i am going to continue pretending that i have important things to say.
  • speaking of important things to say...my friend, ade, and i have "revived" our team blog. you should check it out here. we are going to be so much better and keeping it alive, too. bookmark it. you will laugh. because we are funny. at least we think so. you should read the comments. that is where our best work is.
  • it is my mother's birthday today. happy birthday, mommy dearest. i love, love, love you. to the moon and beyond and then all the way back. thanks for all you do for me. especially for the sewing machine.
  • did i tell you my mommmy gave me a really cute little sewing machine? it's fancy. almost too fancy to use. she said i have to read all the directions/instructions before i can use it and i haven't done that yet, so i haven't used it. but i'm working on it.
  • it is my adorable friend, teresa's birthday, too. she is fantastic and i'm trying to get her to start a blog so you can enjoy her in all her glory like i get to. it will happen soon. i promise. happy birthday, darling. i love you. and let's craft soon...i'm getting to the end of the instruction book.
  • it's also my friend's daughter's birthday. how fantastic is this day? hope you had a very happy birthday, little girl. you are in great company on this fine day of celebration. (oh, and you should call me...you know who you are.)
okay. i'm done with the list. i'll be back soon with a prompted post. promise.

that's all.


  1. Uhm.
    -Crafting? Yes.
    -Soon--if not sooner.
    -Road trip? Yes.
    -Only if you truly meant 'anyone'.
    -If you didn't truly mean everyone, I would definitely consider driving behind you. Totally depends on gas prices.

  2. thanks for the shout out to my blog. I am so happy that you came to LA!! Good times. Thanks for everything. Also, I really WANT to go to Colorado to that concert... maybe I will have loads of money and a career that give me the freedom to make it... oh the unpredictability of my life right now.