fill in the blank.

check this out here.

uhmmm...please excuse that this is happening on a saturday. you'll get over it, i'm sure...seeing as how i haven't posted one of these for awhile. i haven't posted anything, to be precise. oh well. enjoy. and happy weekend. i'll be back at ya next week with an update from my trip to vegas/cali. don't be jealous.

1. the phrase or punctuation i overuse most is   not a phrase or punctuation...it is just a word and the word is clearly. i maybe don't use it so much in my writing, but definitely in my speaking. it might be annoying, but i like it. so get over it...those that have to listen to me.  

2. today i am thankful for   everything. my family. my friends. my job. my health. my hearing (cause i get to listen to great, great live music this week). vacation days. the ability to drive a few hours and be out of the miserable cold. seasons. sunshine. literally everything.  

3. my best friend is   ...well, my best friends are probably my sisters. i have three. they are the greatest people alive. even if we do get snippy with each other. i love that we can get snippy and snotty and opinionated and we can still love each other...even if we do ignore each other for a few hours/days.  

4. a quirky thing about me is   i can't sleep with my feet covered. maybe it's not the quirky, but it is the thing that came mind first. i also count my steps. all of them. in my head...obviously. always counting. but i can navigate my house in the dark cause i know how many steps from here to there. maybe it's quirky, but i think it's also smart. i'm a real thinker. hahaha.  

5. this weekend   i am working and then i am driving to vegas on sunday. i get to spend some time with my parents and then i am off to visit a friend in so-cal. and we are going to listen to live music and probably eat good food and we'll probably laugh a lot. can't wait.  

6. something that worries me is   work won't get better. it's okay, but it's not great. don't get me wrong, i love-love-love what i do but sometimes i don't really like the people i work with. it's been a long hard road, this last year, and i'm starting to worry that it won't ever get better.  

7. on my nightstand you would find   blistex, a cup of water, my ipod, lotion, an alarm clock, books and some hair products. i need some shelves in my bathroom. i'm working on it.  

hope you have a great weekend!
that's all.

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