some songs: day twenty-one.

yo, yo...check this out here.

day twenty-one: a song you listen to when you are feeling melancholy.

this was really supposed to be another angry song, but i don't have another angry song. i'm just not that angry of a person. so instead, i picked a song that i am currently obsessed with and i picked an emotion.

i can't say enough about this song and the artist(s)...the song is by joey ryan (on the left)...and that's kenneth pattengale playing with him...they are forming/formed a new duo called the milk carton kids. the official video for this song is fantastic, as well. but i am loving this duo. and lucky me, i got to see the play live in little, old logan thursday night. blessed day, that is for sure. and because i love you all i'll share this with you...you can go here and download their album, retrospect, for free.

what is your melancholy go-to music pick?
any new music finds and/or obsessions?
are you bored of these posts?

that's all.

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