some songs: day nineteen.

obviously, this music challenge is proving to be a bit difficult. or maybe blogging, in general, has been difficult for me this month. either way, i'm finishing this challenge. and i'm gonna double time it so i can get it done before the end of this month. or something like that.

you can see how far behind i am here.

day nineteen: a song from your favorite album.

just like every other subject of this challenge, this was a hard one. strictly because i don't think i have a single favorite album. i have many, many. i decided to turn this into a flashback and i am choosing my favorite song off of the very first album that i purchased with my own money. i rode my bike to the local kmart and purchased this album on cassette tape. i was in eighth grade. i have since purchased it digitally. it maybe so much isn't a favorite album anymore, but it is an original with great memories attached. the album of which is speak is wish by the cure.

i have three favorite songs from that album. they are a letter to elise, apart and obviously, friday i'm in love. because friday i'm in love is the most recognizable, i'll share it here.

do you have a favorite album?
is it a recent album or an old album?
what is your favorite song from that album?

that's all.

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