some songs: day twenty.

a little more of this here.

day twenty: a song that you listen to when you are angry.

just like every other girl in 1996, i fell in love with gavin rossdale of bush. he was on the mtv spring break something or other singing this song here. he was hot, it was raining, he played the guitar. i mean, how were we expected not to fall in love? we (my friend and i) immediately went out and bought the album. turns out, he plays real rock music. i'm not sure what we were expecting, i don't think we knew. it obviously wasn't what we got. but i continued to listen to that album and i fell in love with it and with bush. and it subsequently became my anger album. whenever i was upset or ticked off or just needed to vent a little, i always played this album. especially this song.

what do you listen to when you are angry?
did you fall in love with gavin rossdale in 1996, too?

that's all.

as an aside to this, not to long ago i was listening to something with a friend of mine and at almost the exact same time, we both commented that it sounded like bush. we are besties now. hahaha.

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