some songs: day thirteen

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day thirteen: a song that is a guilty pleasure.

this was a funny topic to think about. why, you ask? because a lot of what i listen to could be considered a "guilty pleasure." for example, i'm not afraid to admit to listening to air supply. and liking air supply. and going to air supply concerts. some would consider that taboo. or in bad taste. i consider it appreciating good music. ya see where i'm coming from now? so, this is difficult.

i was going to choose africa by toto. but i'm not embarrassed to admit that i love that song. and that i have it as a ringtone. and that i've had it as a ringtone on every phone i've ever owned.

i guess what it comes down to is that i own all of my likes. and maybe that's because my collection of music is so eclectic. if i liked one genre, like country, but then randomly had some hip hop, that would be my guilty pleasure. but, for me, that just isn't the case. in my itunes there are 74 genres listed. granted, some of them a a little redundant, but even if you cut that in half that is still 37 genres. it is impossible for me to be embarrassed by my music. it just won't happen. it can't.

so, i guess i will choose one song that i really, really like that would probably be a guilty pleasure for a lot of people i know. lou bega's mambo no. 5. and yes, i own it. and i love it. enjoy.

do you have the same problem i do?
what are your guilty pleasure songs?

that's all.

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