my favorite thing about today was...#3.

my favorite thing about today was randomly running into a dear friend when i was leaving the craft store. i walked out the door and saw a woman walking toward the door and my first reaction was that i knew her and then it hit me that it was my friend. we screamed and giggled like school girls and then i wandered through the store with her and we talked about crafts, and felt, and life and then we said goodbye. it was perfect.
anything good happen to you today?

that's all.


  1. That was my favorite thing of the whole week. Not kidding. An absolutely unexpected Christmas surprise in February. And I just wanted to grab your hand and skip my way through the store. Skipping--singing a little perhaps--but definitely skipping. I was DeLiGhTeD to see you(did my eyes open as wide as yours?)--and you were DeLiGhTeD to me (cuz you said, "Shut-up" with an exclamation point in your voice)and.it.made.my.heart.sing.

  2. Okay. Uhm. So--please refine the previous comment with the following modifications: 1) "I was DeLiGhTeD to see you SPACE [as in add one] 2) "...and you were DeLiGhTeD to SEE [as in locate with your eyeballs] me..." aaand 3) "...voice) SPACE and.it.made.my.heart.sing."

    I am clearly unprepared to enter the blogging world.