some songs: day nine.

still at it. what that is, you ask? this right here.

day nine: a song that you can dance to.

let's be honest about this...almost any song can make me dance. so, i will go with my most recent experience. the other night i was listening to music and doing the dishes. now, i know i have said it before, but i am going to reemphasize it again right now...my musical tastes are eclectic. very, very eclectic. for the most part, i usually listen to folksy music...ya know, guitars and singers and such. well, the other night, i had a hankering for some hip-hop. so i was listening to jay-z. and this little ditty came on and i did dance. while washing dishes. i caught myself dancing and laughed pretty hard. i'm funny.

please don't ask why i even own jay-z. or why i was listening. i just was. okay? okay. hahaha.
what songs make you want to move?
any random songs in your collection that you dance to?

that's all.

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  1. Oh--I'm the kinda gal that can find some boogie in just about any song. There are definitely songs that DON't bring out the boogie. But--what's to discuss. Some that always push the boogie button: Earth, Wind & Fire-Let's Groove; Let's Get Loud; All the Single Ladies; and, uhm...Diamond Rio-One More Day. There are actually a whole bucket of songs that I hear--and dance to--that I don't know the titles to. A lot of 'em.