some songs: day seven.

another musical gem thanks to this idea here.

day seven: a song that reminds you of a certain event.

one night when i was living in boston, the roommates and i were letting loose on a friday or saturday night. i can't remember if we went out somewhere or if we just stayed home. i am pretty sure we went out and then when we got home we were having such a good time so we stayed up and we were listening to music. at some point, someone turned the tv on and we ended up watching music videos for a long time. slowly, everyone disappeared because it was real late and i was left alone on the couch. and this song came on. and i rocked out to it while sitting on the couch...by myself. i still giggle about it. whenever i hear it, i am instantaneously back on that couch. so, here you have it...kryptonite by 3 doors down. btw, this video is crazy.

are there songs that remind you of certain events?
any embarrassing events?

that's all.

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