sunday scribblings.

prompt #106: fearless.

it's been quite awhile since i have done some sunday scribbling, so i decided to join in this week.

i have been thinking about the word fearless all day, trying to figure out what i could write about fearless and what it means to me and i decided that i just don't like the word fearless. let me tell you why.

in my own life, i am not fearless. i feel that i lack the capacity to be fearless. and i think that it is okay. it keeps me humble. it keeps me safe. i am aware of consequences and the effects that they can have on me. i respect what life can throw at me.

my inability to be fearless doesn't mean that i am a pansy or that i live my life in fear of the things around me or the things that can happen. i feel that my inability to be fearless does quite the opposite.

if i didn't fear the uncertainty of life, what enjoyment would i have when good things happen to me? if i didn't fear failing, how much would i enjoy succeeding?

i guess what i am trying to say is that a healthy dose of fear is good for the soul. fear shouldn't paralyze us or make us afraid to try new things or venture out. fear should just remind us that nothing in life is guaranteed, and that sometimes, despite our best efforts, things won't go our way.

and so for me, getting up after you fall and moving on is what being fearless is all about.


  1. Exactly my thoughts, with different words.

  2. I feel that I'm not fearless either, but I don't really see that as a good thing.

    crazy song by the way, haha.

  3. Don't be afraid to face fear!


    What am I saying!?

    Welcome back!

  4. Very well said. Much the same sentiment as I expressed, but in a much more roundabout way!

  5. I have been dropping comments on Sunday Scribblings this week like a dead flower dropping petals. And most of them say that courage is acting in spite of fears, not that from being without fear (i.e. fearless).