family vay-cay: day two.

day two was also known as the longest day in a car, ever. i mean, it was only five or six hours in the car, but it was the longest six hours ever. we drove from vegas to chandler, arizona, to my sister's house. i think that we had had enough of the car from the previous day, so day two in the car was no fun. this is me and kris, obviously before the fourth hour of the drive. we were still in a good mood at this point. hahaha.

we rode in a caravan with my parents, us following them. jesse rode with them until we made a stop in wickenburg. he decided that riding with grandpa wasn't that fun...no dvd player.

we decided the next time we head down to arizona via vehicle, we are going to spend some time in wickenburg to see what it's all about.

anyway, this is a picture of the 'rents and lake mead. we decided to take the scenic route and crossed hoover dam. (more pictures of that to come.)

while we were winding our way through the scenic hoover dam area, we happened upon this vehicle with this license plate. kristen and i thought it was the funniest thing ever. we kept saying "two-dollar-yo" after everything we said and we would laugh and laugh and laugh. we made fun of the guy who was driving the "two-dollar-yo" car, trying to figure out why he would ever put "2dlr yo" on his license plate.

turns out, the joke was on us. being the naive (that's laughable) utahans that we are, we didn't know that this all had something to do with the great betting game of craps. of course, brennan did, but that is another story for another day. so, it turns out the hilarity of "two dollar yo" only lasted for that day. but we did teach it to malcolm, so that was fun and funny.

this is the stop we had to make by the side of the road for the four-year-old to go potty. yep, his dad made him pee on the tire. good stuff. there was a bathroom incident that involved an empty plastic bottle, but i will spare you the details.

and this is why day two is also known as the longest day in the car. the desert scenery is not my favorite. i grew up with mountains and trees. not deserts and cacti. i slept in the car on this day. i couldn't handle it. i just wanted to be there, already.

to be continued.
coming next...baby logan.


  1. it's about time you blogged about the trip. what you didn't mention to you is how hard we all laughed when we figured out you really didn't know what 2dlr yo meant! can't wait to see the rest!

  2. I still love it and pretend that it's as funny as when we first saw it! TWO DOLLA YO!