new car, to me.

it finally happened. the car finally conked out. i mean, i think i could probably try to drive it around the block again, but the billow of smoke trailing me would be a little too much. i am half tempted to just start driving it to see how far it would go, but then i don't want to have to deal with having to have it towed from the side of the road, so it has been sitting in the driveway for over a month. i am planning on donating it, but i have to clean it out first and that is just a pain.

anyway, so the demise of the grand prix meant that i had to look for a new car and i found the perfect car, at the perfect place and got the perfect deal. i couldn't be more pleased, to be quite honest.

so, my new car...a 2007 ford focus. i know, i never thought i would drive a ford, but i do. and i'm okay with it. it's a fun little car. and i don't live in fear of breaking down during the 1.7 mile drive to or from work. and i have heat now. it's lovely.

and most importantly, i can now leave the 2 square miles i was restricted to with a broken vehicle. oh, the freedom.

so, here is what it looks like, minus the spoiler. same color and all. it's not half bad. i can't complain.

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