family vay-cay: day two and a half to day six.

(sorry, i'm a slacker. this is a continuation of this post.)

we arrived in phoenix on saturday afternoon. we were beyond excited to finally be there...but then there was the whole drive to chandler. it was a bit like torture.

we got to laurie's house, only to turn around and go to their friend's house for an easter egg hunt/picnic. i will admit that i was annoyed that we had to go (mostly because i just wanted to get the heck out of the car), but once we got there, it was good times. they had this whole set up with those huge inflatable toys for kids, like the really huge kind, like a slide and stuff. and the food was very delicious, too. we did miss the actual egg hunt, but that's okay.

we hung out at the friend's house for a bit and then headed back to laurie's. some shopping occurred...i opted out, so i babysat, sorta. laurie was going to go to costco, but then decided that she wasn't going to make it before they closed, so she came back and hung out with me. we made cookies for the blessing and just spent time together.

sunday was easter. we went to church and then after church, we went to the same house where the easter party was the day before. laur and bren decided not to have logan's blessing at church, so they asked to have it at their friend's home instead. (laurie and bren have very good friends who are very gracious hosts. it was super nice of them to have us in their home for such a special occassion, especially on easter sunday.)

after the blessing, we headed back to laurie's and had a wonderful easter dinner with brennan's mom and her husband, his brother, sister-in-law and their family and us. it was super fun.

monday, all the girls (minus kaylie and lillie, plus logan) went to lunch at the cheesecake factory. my mom's birthday was later that week, so it was sort of a birthday lunch for my mom. we did a little, tiny bit of shopping and then headed home.

my mom and dad left to go back to vegas that afternoon and the rest of us headed to laurie's friend's house for a little pool time. some of us had more pool time than others, but it was fun all the same. laurie has some pretty funny friends and we mostly just laughed and laughed. and we learned some new things, too. kristen and i would both move to arizona just to hangout with laurie's friends...but it's too damn hot.

tuesday was a chillaxin' kind of day. we hung out with the kids. drank lots of soda. ate lots of food. watched a movie (well, some of us watched it...others napped.) mostly just spent some good quality time together.

wednesday morning, we packed up and headed out. i was sad to go, but i was okay with leaving the heat. it was just too hot for me. mid-march shouldn't be that warm (but it shouldn't be as cold as it has been in utah in april...what gives). it was so fun to spend time with family and especially with the newest member. can't wait for july (yes, we know it will be a thousand times hotter...but what do you do), for the next chapter of our arizona vacations, this time for adam's baptism.

any-who. here are some pictures. kind of random, but some of my faves.

i caught malcolm doing this little trick.
he would put his hand on the side of his face and then press against the inside of his cheek, towards his hand. it was so funny, like he discovered the coolest thing ever.
i can't remember exactly what he did, but he was doing something similar with my face and his hand just the other day.
i love that kid.

this is how bored i was as we were driving through phoenix...i was taking pictures of other drivers.
this guy was the best, though. he was stylin' in this pimp car. and the best part, he didn't have a shirt on.
i am pretty sure that he saw me taking pictures of him. oh well.

this is the first picture i took of little logan.
isn't he to die for? those cheeks are killer.
i am so in love with him.
this was at the easter picnic/party. and that's my mom holding him.

this is laurie and her way-too-cute-for-her-own-good niece.
she is the tiniest little thing and she is a cuddler. she even cuddled with me at one point.
i'd steal her if i wanted to steal a kid. hahaha.

my beautiful niece, kaylie.
don't you want her eyes? they are gorgeous.
her dad is in for the long haul when she gets older.

kaylie and jesse on our way to church.
what you don't see is their "sidekicks."
adam made each of them their own "sidekicks" out of paper. he even drew the screen and keypads. he is a bright and creative kid.
anyway, the whole way to church, they were both taking pictures of me with their "sidekicks."

laurie and logan at the blessing.
all three of their kids were blessed in that gown.
very cool, i think.

this is everyone who participated in the blessing.
the best part of this picture, though, is malcolm at the bottom right.
seriously, love him.

the whole family.
laurie, logan, brennan, kaylie and adam.
kind of like the perfect little family.
okay, they are the perfect little family.
luckily, i'm the better third. hahahaha.
(that's an inside joke, so don't strain too hard to understand.)

kristen and lillie on easter sunday.
lillie wasn't too fond of me on the trip. as long as one of her parents was holding her, she would laugh at me and talk to me, but i couldn't hold her...no way. but don't worry, we bonded a little this week and i think we have made progress.

adam and malcolm just before easter dinner.
malcolm was giving adam a hug and wouldn't let go. it was so funny.

adam and malcolm, again.
i can't believe that adam is going to be eight this year. man, does time fly.
i remember when he was the only one and got all of our attention.
i wonder if he feels a little neglected. hahaha.

smiling little logan.
we were shopping after lunch on monday and i was pushing the stroller and he started smiling at me, so i had to stop and take pictures.

so, here is the proof that some of us had more pool time than others.
malcolm had wandered to the deep end of the pool and tried to reach the water feature on the pool, but it was just too far away. he ended up face planting into the pool, leaving his little hat floating on the top of the water.
laurie calmly told kristen that malcolm had just fallen in the pool. kristen walked around to the end and realized she wasn't going to be able to reach him from the edge, so she jumped right in, shoes and all. that is why she is a good mom.
i don't have kids because my first thought was "well, he has six minutes until brain damage occurs." i would be a bad mom.
unfortunately, kristen didn't realize that one of the teenagers that was there jumped in the pool at the same time. oh well. it made for a really good story though. and she will probably hate me for posting this picture, but this is why i took it, so i could blog about it.

malcolm was a little traumatized by the incident, so he stayed out of the water for awhile.
by the end of the day, though, i had him talked back into the water, just not the deep water.

and logan was unfazed.
just a little milk drunk.

and this is kristen and lillie, during the movie.
she just gets real tired, especially during movies and while watching tv.
just like our mom. hahahaha.

adam stayed home from school on wednesday with flu-like symptoms.
luckily, the rest of us didn't get ill.
anyway, he was too busy playing video games and he wouldn't pose for a picture before we left...thus, this picture.

logan and i in our first self-portrait.
i want to squish him. too cute.

i couldn't resist posting this picture of the two adorable babies, lillie and logan. too bad lucie wasn't there.
i joked with laurie that if she had a girl, she was going to have to name her lola, so there would be lillie, lucie and lola.
when she told me she was having a boy, i knew lola was out. but then they named him logan and all was well.
lillie, lucie and logan. love it.

to be continued.
coming next...vegas, baby.


  1. I'm so glad you finally blogged! You are so good to remember all the stuff you did on the different days...I can't remember what I did five minutes ago. Could you send me all those pictures in one file?

  2. so I should hate you because of that picture, but I can't because of the Go-Go's song! no, I still hate you, but I might use it to add to my blog. love the post! way to go!