family vay-cay: day one.

this post, or i should say, these posts have been a long time coming. so sorry that it has taken me so long to post about my vacation to the land of the warm, home of the sun. (unfortunately, this is much truer this week than before. it snowed in logan today. that's right, snow. i wish i could go on vacation again.)

so, i left the valley of cache early friday morning, after working a lovely graveyard shift. i was very excited to get to slc, to get in the van and to sleep. anyway, this is what i left. (and i returned to this, too. oh well.)

when i got to slc, i was greeted by these two crazy kids. jesse (on the left) decided to climb on top of their car and, of course, malcolm (right) had to follow. and because i am an aunt who is highly concerned with their safety, i promptly had them pose for pictures and then demanded that they get off of the car.

i wasn't sure how a road trip with the kiddies would be, but it went surprisingly well. luckily, they have a dvd player in the car. it probably wouldn't have gone as well, without one. i'm not sure how we ever survived as kids going on road trips. we were so deprived. hahaha. malcolm really likes to watch monsters inc. and he likes to watch it "nooow." not sure what the appeal was, but i liked hearing him ask to watch it. gotta love two-year-olds.

one day, lillie might hate that i took so many pictures of her adorable "lazy" eye, but i couldn't help it. she is a doll. and even though she wasn't real fond of me for the majority of the vacation, i still wanted to squish the cuteness right out of her.

the first day wasn't so bad of a drive. we made it to las vegas by six-thirty or so. i surprisingly didn't sleep a wink during the drive. kristen and i spent the majority of the drive sharing our deepest and darkest secrets. i'm not sure how that all started, but it was good times. nothing like a trip down memory lane to make the drive go fast.

and this is the first impression photo of my parent's new house. they have lived in this house since december, but this was my first visit "home." it's nice to have somewhere to call home, now that logan isn't where home is.

malcolm's second birthday was the day before we went to vegas, so grandma and grandpa had balloons and a cake for him. my brother, sister-in-law and their two kids came over and we had pizza and celebrated the birthday and being together as a family.

to be continued.
coming next...the longest car ride ever.

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