family vay-cay: day six and a half to day nine.

(this is a continuation of this post.)

after our lovely stay in arizona, we headed back for a few relaxing days in the city that never sleeps...vegas. but, of course, we did sleep. we pretty much spent the rest of the time hanging out with family and relaxing. kristen and i did make it to the strip to see the fountains in front of the bellagio. we wanted to feel like tourists for a minute. it was good fun.

so, here are more pictures. i'll describe them as we go. nothing too exciting, but enjoy.

there is that desert again.
i love the mountains, but i don't quite appreciate the desert yet.
maybe it will grow on me.

uncle mike was a good sport and played with jesse and malcolm.
jesse was getting a ride from uncle mike and malcolm did not want to be left out.
they wore mike out, that is for sure.

just taking pictures of ourselves, like we usually do.
i love that he doesn't keep his eyes open cause he hates the flash.
even better is that when the flash isn't even going to go off, he still closes his eyes.

half-closed eyes with grandma.
i love that they both have the same look...like they are stoned.

lillie and kristen.
lillie is to die for, even though she didn't want to be my friend on the trip.
she is growing to love me, though.

it was my mom's birthday on march 27th.
even though i told her i wouldn't post this picture, i'm going to anyway.
she'll still love me.

we all went to the elephant bar at green valley ranch for lunch.
a cute family picture.
lillie is my favorite in this one.

jesse and his mask.

malcolm and his mask.
these masks only entertained for a short period of time.
it wouldn't have been so bad, but the service was horrible.
we waited forever for our food.
oh well, i guess. what do you do?

kris and i in front of the bellagio and fountains.
we caught the end of one show on the back side, so we walked around to the front and watched another from the far end and decided we wanted to see one from the middle.
it's a good thing we waited because the final show we watched was elton john's "your song."
i love me some elton john. and kristen even sang. it was great.

here is the video for your enjoyment.

and here is a still shot of the fountains.

this is the view of the strip from out by my parent's house.
not a bad view, not bad at all.

this is jesse.
he was eating his favorite (or i should say, his mom's favorite), chocolate crack...
...aka cadbury mini eggs.

lillie and kris had a photo shoot while i was showering.
good times.

and this is jesse and grandpa (or dad).
fittingly enough, we left him sitting on the porch, one of his favorite places.

and that is the end of family vay-cay 2008. hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.

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  1. I love it! I can't wait to do it again! Memorial Day weekend - up for it?!