he really will be my friend...one day.

little malcolm is a ham.
he loves to cheese it up for the camera.
but if i try to touch him or hold him, he's just not down with that.

on two documented occassions this week, he allowed me to be his friend, but only for a brief moments.

occassion number one:
dad was helping jesse in the potty.
mom was upstairs.
and he was beside himself.
enter flashlight--i taught him how to turn it on and off and we were friends...until he got bored.
but it was good while it lasted.

occassion number two:
i like slurpees.
infact, i heart them.
so, it was only fitting that on this fine american holiday, we celebrated with an american treat.
and little malcolm sure does love slurpees, too.
and this is how he briefly became my best friend...until he started drooling down my straw.
but it was good while it lasted.

but maybe he doesn't want to be my friend right now because i like to take pictures of him during his trying and traumatic times. (i recently broke my tailbone--i know, i know--and this is my donut. he put it on and couldn't get it off.)

but then i laugh with him when he does things he isn't supposed to do and i don't make him stop like his mom does.

oh, one day...one day he will be my friend. and we will look back on these times as just a trial of our friendship.


  1. I'm sure as he gets older he will learn that Chelle will let him have a bright red slurpee in his brand new white shirt. And that Chelle will sneak him a treat when mommy says no. It's what aunt's do! Just keep trying! That's awful you broke your tailbone... I did that once in 3rd grade. Not to cause you anymore grief but the dumb tailbone still gives me problems 20 years later. Ugh!

  2. progress is good, he's a tough nut to crack...hmmmm...maybe like someone else we know! my favorite is the flashlight picture, so cute!

  3. He is adorable! Oh wait, I should say Handsome...lol!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I have enjoyed reading yours, you have a great extended family and I love how you write- fun to read :) My niece and her dh are in Logan and my bro is in Hyrum. We would love to live up there but all my dh's jobs are in SLC sadly, but I am inbetween so not too far from ya.

    I look forward to getting to know you better- oh and dd has a huge slurpee addiction we bought her the slurpee machine for Christmas but it doesn't work so well :( My dh's family is very addicted to them, I think we should buy stock in them already hee hee! I used to love them before stupid diabetes got in the way and the sugar free ones taste like crud *sigh*