goin' to the chapel...

so, the big day has come and gone. grandma and dave tied the knot. i know—cute, but weird at the same time, right? right. don't get me wrong. i am very happy for her. for them. but i still think it is very weird that my eighty-year-old grandma just got hitched. as long as she is happy, that is all that matters. i know she has been lonely since my grandpa died, so it is good for her to have someone to do stuff with and to help her do stuff. and she doesn't act like she is eighty and, frankly, neither does he. maybe they can have grand adventures while they are together.

the actually wedding day was a bit of a wreck. my mom ended up in charge of a luncheon for 150 people (give or take). luckily my sister and aunts and cousins were kind enough to come to her rescue. she did an awesome job and it was a beautiful day.

again, weird...but i'm happy for them. i think they will have a good time together.


  1. i totally see how it is weird to have your 80 year old grandma get married...but also? it's totally, totally awesome to think about OLD newlyweds : ) so cute.

  2. chelle, you don't quit having human emotions when you turn 80...you know she's 20 on the inside...so not weird, COOL!