family vacation: part one.

i can't even decide where to begin or what to tell you about my vacation. i loved every last minute of it, which is the most important thing. i love spending time with my family so much and we sure did do a lot of that.

every year we go to park city and stay in my parents' timeshare at the marriott mountainside resort. it is at the base of park city mountain where the alpine slide and alpine coaster are and there is a little kiddie ride park. there is a pool and a plethora of hot tubs, too. and there is a snow cone shack right at the bottom of the stairs...hahaha. it is probably the most perfect place to stay--i mean, considering.

i haven't been able to spend the entire week there, but this year i got in four days. i was warmly greeted by my four year old niece sprinting down the hall, yelling, "aunt chelle, aunt chelle." it was the perfect start to the vacation.

when i walked through the door this is what was waiting.

it was adam's seventh birthday, so we celebrated with him.
interesting fact: adam was a month old when we stayed at the condo for the first time.

the kiddies went to sleep and the poker chips came out. my brother-in-laws, brennan and dave, my mom and i played a rousing game of texas hold 'em. i won, of course.

okay, i lie. i didn't win. this is how it ended...i went all in, hoping that brennan was bluffing. he was not.

i got to sleep on the ever-so-comfortable fold out bed.
(obviously, it's not folded out.)

and when i woke up, i was greeted by this.

and this.

who immediately started doing this.

i missed this one the night before (he was in bed), so i had to play with him first thing.

then we busted out the wii for the kiddies to play.
(a side note--that little kaylie plays some mean wii.)

then it was pool time. i don't have many pictures of us in the pool, but here is a picture of the view from the pool chairs and one of my little fish, malcolm (although you can't tell that from this picture).

the next day went almost exactly the same except for this...the alpine slide.

brennan and kaylie...

...and adam and i...

...decided to enjoy the scenery...

...and the rush of the slide.

now, there is plenty more where that all came from, but we will break there. but not to worry, i will follow with part two soon. just enjoy that for now. all good times, good times for sure.


  1. looks like fun. wish i could have come out one night. tonight is harry potter night...i am so excited i can barely contain myself.

  2. 21 photos...a record, i think.

  3. thanks for keeping track.
    you are hilarious.
    and that is why i decided to do two parts....didn't want to overload you with photos...but apparently i already have.
    you should see how many were taken...kaylie did have my camera for moments.