spt. playing catch-up.

the challenge: in the insanity of summer, where do you spend your stolen moments?

well, i have to admit that my summers aren't really all that insane. being a 30-year-old single woman, i don't have to seek to hard to find those "stolen moments." infact, all of my moments are my own. granted, i have my job to go to and my life to live and my friends to hang out with and family to spend time with, but "stolen moments" aren't all that hard to find.

but, when i do need to "get away," i find myself in my car. i love to drive. i love to listen to music, roll down the windows and drive. i have, on several occassions, found myself hours from home.

now, it has been awhile since i have just taken off on a long drive, but even just driving to my sister's house in salt lake or to the family vacation in park city is enough. i love the time i have to just think and to relax.

so, my stolen moments are along the open highway.

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  1. i like your spt's. so clever. i am slacking off, obviously. i haven't even been carrying my camera around with me much. but i do have a good idea for one tomorrow...maybe.