spt. (thursday, that is.)

this week's challenge is obvious: how will you celebrate independence day? what does it mean to you?

first, i must say that the fourth of july is my second favorite holiday, right behind thanksgiving. both of these holidays have very special meaning to me.

i can't even begin to tell you what independence day means to me. it means that i have freedom to do everything and anything that i want. it means that i am able to believe what i want to believe and that i am able to share my views with others. i can vote. i have a say in how things are done in this country. i am able worship as i wish. i can travel freely in my own country and enjoy the diversity of this land. i can enjoy luxuries that some do not enjoy. i can blog. i can share my views and thoughts and ideas and life with others and not live in fear of being persecuted for it.

most importantly, independence day means that there were people who cared enough for their own freedom and for the freedom of their posterity, that they laid down their lives for me. i have a profound respect and admiration for the founding fathers of this country. i feel the same towards them as i do for leaders of my church. their courage and tenaciousness are unmatched. i will forever be indebted to them and will always feel a deep respect for them.

independence day also means that there are men and women who have cared or now care enough about what the founding fathers did that they have given of themselves in ways that i would not be able to. the men and women of the armed forces are amazing examples of courage and i will never be able to express how grateful i am for all of those who serve and for the families that support them. my father served in vietnam and my grandfather served in world war ii. i will always be thankful to them both for their examples to me.

and of course, independence day means that we can get together as families and friends and celebrate all that we are blessed with. the fourth of july has always been a family holiday for me. growing up, we always had my mom's dad's family reunion over the fourth of july. i loved these family reunions. granted, i haven't been to that reunion in quite sometime, but those reunions instilled in me a great desire to spend this holiday with my family.

now, i am going to be honest, this year i was a little worried about where i was going to go and who i was going to celebrate with, but my cutest older sister and her family came to my rescue.

in logan, the firework show is always on the third of july. i had totally forgotten that the third of july is the anniversary of kristen and dave's first date. dave (he was better known as bubba back then) came to our house for a bbq and then they all walked down the street to watch the fireworks. isn't that cute? i know.

so to keep with tradition and to celebrate the "anniversary," my sister and her family came up from riverton to watch the fireworks. we had dinner (just sandwiches--no bbq--we missed you, mom and dad) before and then we just walked down the street and copped-a-squat on the grass with a perfect view of the stadium (where the firework show is held).
back in the day, we could see the fireworks from our backyard, but they had to go and build buildings and stuff. now we have to walk a block.

we got there a little before the start of the show, but the kids were good to keep us entertained.

the fireworks aren't really a disappointment, but i have seen better. just a little glimpse.

and malcolm sure liked them (he's not yawning, he's cheering).

jesse liked them, too.

and so did i.

after the show, we walked back to the house. kris and her family got ready and drove back home and i followed (well, awhile later, that is).

then on the fourth of july:

we hung out.

we slept.

we ate.

(i know he might look like he is mean in this picture, but oh, he is not...he was just trying to enjoy his steak in peace, but i had to take pictures.)

we drank slurpees.

that was about it. it was just good to spend time together.
and again, i heart the fourth of july and i heart my family.
that's all.


  1. jeez you busy little booger. it looks like you guys had a blast, huh? as usual. and i just painted. and took no photos. and didn't eat yummy bbq food. and wallowed in self-pity over my sister's departure. pretty much it was just another day off for me this year. a day which i used to prep, paint, touch up and clean up for approximately 13 hours.

    happy fourth to me.

  2. sounds like a fun day for all!

  3. wow, essay writer. amen to all your patriotism. and what a charming family. i think that malcolm is already a ladykiller.

  4. oh, i wish i could have been there, the picture of romney stadium is a nice touch.