the challenge: embrace your geekness.

well, i know i am a geek.
how do i know, you ask?

  • have you seen my blog?
  • my myspace?
  • did you know that i can decipher/write html codes?
  • did you know that i even know what html code is?
  • did you know that i like to read books about html code?
  • did you know that i am completely obsessed with my camera?
  • and my cellphone?
  • and my computer?

and i believe that all of these things make me a true life geek.
and i'm okay with it.
i am even proud of it.
i do embrace my geekness.
i love it.

that's all.


  1. weird...now i have to do an spt post about my last geek post. i think i am vibin', huh? well, at least i am with the spt girl.

  2. and yes, you are a geek.
    but that is why we're friends.