laundromat observations.

for the past couple of months, i have been doing my laundry at the laundromat. i love being able to put my laundry into a couple (or a few...depends) washers and then into a couple of dryers and then being completely done with laundry in an hour and half, two hours max. over the past couple of months, i have been able to make some awesome observations at the laundromat and i thought i would share them here.

one: there seems to be a need for girls, ages 18 to 21, to do laundry together. and by together, i mean with every roommate and friend they have and then all the boyfriends. and i know you might think i am exaggerating, but i am not. and i wish i had pictures to prove it. but two weeks in a row...two different groups of girls were collectively doing laundry. it was the weirdest thing ever. i remember having to do everything with my girlfriends, but i don't ever recall laundry being on that list.

two: i pray, pray, pray and then pray some more, that i won't have to do laundry for an entire family at the laundromat. i can readily manage my one basket of laundry a week, but i can't imagine having to lug multiple baskets from the house, to the car, into the laundromat, back to the car and back into the house. torture is what i call that. plain torture.

three: just because you can fit into the dryer at the laundromat, it doesn't mean you should get into it. and i would definitely say that you shouldn't turn it on. twice in the last couple of months, people have climbed into the dryer and turned it on. not sure why, but i think it's pretty lame. funny to think about...yes. to actually do it...lame. gotta love college students.

four: the laundromat is where you do laundry. it's not an internet cafe. so, this is what i have to say to those who pretend the laundromat is the local internet cafe...please stop taking up table room if you aren't actually doing laundry. please stop "stealing" the courtesy internet. i do believe it is probably for paying customers. at least that is what i would assume. maybe you have a different perspective, but even if you do, it still annoys me. so, when i show up with my laundry and want to sit at a table for an hour and a half while i am a paying customer...MOVE. thank you very much.

five: the laundromat is frequented by the families of the people that i work with at the youth center. this isn't a bad thing, but i spend a lot of time avoiding eye contact, or any contact for that matter. it gets a little awkward. maybe i should find another laundromat, but i am kind of attached. maybe the families could find another one. please. thanks.

and that's all i got for now.


  1. you are so great. and so funny. loved the insights. I had no idea you were going to a laundry mat! i like the idea of getting it all done in just a few hours but I would be the one lugging in too many baskets to handle. with the babe, i have to do at least 2 loads a day to stay on top of it :) how often do you have to go?

  2. I'm a little jelouse you get to visit the laundromat. Then, as I sit here listening to my washer and dryer,I'm thankful I don't have to lug my family's insane amount of laundry to anywhere but my front room. Still... ha,ha,just had thoughts of Boston. One month chelle...yipee!!!!