i'm just sayin'.

When work feels overwhelming, remember that you're going to die

there are days at my work where i look around and think to myself that they pay me way too much to do what i do. and then there are days...like the last few...where i look around and, out loud, express to anyone who will listen that i don't get paid nearly enough to deal with the crap we've had to deal with. not even remotely close to enough.

and to quote a co-worker..."as soon as i'm done with these incident reports, i'm writing my two-week notice...or maybe i'll write my two-week notice first."

yep. it's been one of those weeks. i'm very grateful that today is my "friday."

that's all.

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  1. oh sweets! i am sorry! sounds like we need to chat sometime....i was wondering from rachel's facebook posting...maybe it has nothing to do with that, but know i love ya and i'm thinkin of ya! i always looked up to you in your mad job skills! you're amazing! hang in there!