the challenge: hello, old friend...what better way to ease back into the spt routine than to kick off with an easy "challenge?" it's been long enough that i feel like having a little homecoming party. would you like to come?!? you don't need to bring anything and please don't stress out about what to wear. it'll just be a gathering of friends, doing what friends do... sharing stories about what is new in life. go ahead: snap that photo!! tell us what you're doing today - a few words, a few sentences, a few paragraphs... it doesn't matter. but make sure that beautiful self-portrait is front and center!! *see you* you tomorrow!!

i've been at my sister's house since sunday night. i wanted to spend time with my parents and my babies and it's been super nice. it's nice to have a break from my school job. i really, really like having full days off of work. and i definitely can't complain when i get to spend them with this little face!

ps. lillie had the biggest wad of gum in her mouth, which is why she isn't smiling. can you tell she has a mouth full of something? trust, there is a picture coming.


  1. hi! so good to see you today!!

  2. So pretty...I would love to help you fix her seem!

  3. She is probably one of the cutest kids I've ever seen! You're pretty cute yourself :) I miss you. Let's get together sometime!