the challenge: weather or not? ahh, springtime. despite the fact that my world seems sunny and warm these days, i am acutely aware that across this country (and beyond) winter is not willing to give up it's foothold. and in other places, summer seems to be kicking spring to the curb before she even has a chance to bloom. amy m. has shared some of her thoughts about how the weather affects her outlook on things. i feel much the same way. how about you? what is your weather these days? is it putting you in a bright, cheerful mood or making you want to pull the covers up over your head?

after a pretty "normal" weather day yesterday, today turned out to be the most random weather day we've had in awhile. it rained and, at one point, the sun came out and then it hailed and there was some snow and then more rain. and now, for tomorrow's forecast...sixty degree sunshine.

i drove up the canyon after work and, of course...just so you know...it was snowing up there.

i don't mind the rain...in fact, i quite like rain...but i need it to be about 15 degrees warmer, i need it to stop snowing, i need the gray and "grudginess" to go away and i need to wear flip-flops. i need spring!


  1. Spring is COMING. It's in full swing in my neck of the woods and I'm sending warm thoughts your way. In the meantime, enjoy the rain and perhaps staying in your pjs a few extra hours a day.

  2. Spring is going strong here and we are heading quickly to summer. I hope spring makes a stop there soon!