i feel the earth move under my feet.

well, actually, i was sitting...but you get the drift. yes, i did, in fact, feel the great northern utah earthquake of 2010. it was a little bizarre and i felt a little crazy until everyone corroborated the event.

i was sitting at work (remember that i work in a secure facility...ya know, with cinder block walls and cement and plated glass and metal) and i was minding my own business. i happened to be working in the control room, which is a "box" room somewhere near the middle of the building. and it sits a couple of feet higher than the rest of the building. i was conversing with and watching some co-workers who were in the intake area of the building, right next to control. the one co-worker i was talking to turned to finish up some paper work, so i was just sitting there and the keys that were hanging on the wall right in front of me started swaying back and forth...no banging, just swaying...and it felt like someone was "rocking" the control room. you know, like when you are in a camper trailer and someone outside starts rocking it to scare the crap out of you? that is exactly what it felt like. so i looked around, clearly thinking that there is no way someone was rocking the room. then i asked the co-worker that i had been talking to if he felt the rocking and he said that he did, but he thought maybe he got lightheaded or something.

and then we were all calling each other, asking if we felt it, looking it up on the internet, and, of course, pulling out the emergency procedure manuals...ya know, just in case the "big one" followed the little one.

anyway, just thought i'd share.

that's all.

ps. the title of this post...i feel the earth move under my feet...it's a song by the great carole king and i just have to share that i'm going to see her, live in concert, in three weeks. and she will be with james taylor. he's the reason we are really going to the concert and i've wanted to write about the fact that i am going to see my musical icon but i haven't been able to really put into words how i feel about it. i know you know all about my love for music and for james taylor, so i know you can imagine what an event this is for me...anyway, don't be jealous.

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