i love the sound of: my niece, lillie, telling me she goes potty on the potty. she is so proud of herself.

i love the sight of: blue skies. they are few and far between these days...but spring is coming. i mean, maybe not soon, but it will eventually come.

i love the taste of: ramen noodles. i go through phases where they are the best thing i have ever eaten. and then they make me want to puke. but right now, they are the best thing ever.

i love the smell of: cute, clean babies. i know i shouldn't have to emphasize the clean, but trust me, i do.

i love the feel of: snuggly, warm blankets and naps on the couch. it's just too bad they are few and far between.

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  1. I really can't believe that lillie is old enough to tell you she needs to go potty! what happened to baby girl!?