i heart the olympics.

...especially the winter olympics. i just thought i would share what i love about the 2010 olympics so far...in the form of a list...because i love lists.

1. i love that the very best of the very best all gather in one place to show us just how amazing they are. because they are amazing. even the person who places last in any particular event is still amazing...i mean, people, it's the olympics.

2. i love that these athletes are so amazing that they make their sport seem effortless. like, i could go and ski the moguls...no prob. a figure skating sit-spin...piece of cake. it is awe-inspiring.

3. i love that every athlete has a story. most of them have beat the odds and overcome much adversity. the lessons of tenacity are spectacular. and i love, love, love the little stories that they show on tv. and i love that they can make me cry.

4. i love the patriotism that it brings out in me. i mean, i have excessive amounts of patriotism, but oh-so-much more during the olympics.

5. i love that even though i want to only cheer for my country's athletes, i can cheer for the adorable chinese pairs skaters. i so wanted them to win the gold and was so happy when they did.

6. i love that i can change my favorite sport because the sports are ever evolving. my new favorite...snowboard cross (well, and ski cross). and i sure do love the men's gold medalist, seth westcott. and i love his acceptance of the medal and that he sang the entire national anthem.

7. i love when athletes sing their national anthem.

that's all.
for now.

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