so, the question of the day is....

if you are walking along and you pass a parked car that has keys in the ignition, should you be arrested for taking it?

i just think that leaving your keys in the ignition is just the same as asking someone to take it for a spin. if you didn't want someone to "borrow" your car, you shouldn't have left your keys in the ignition. just a thought.

think about it and get back at me.


  1. i'm sure that would be the same as stealing...that's like a guy saying because a girl is dressed immodestly she was "asking for it"

  2. I agree with Laurie. Stealing is stealing not matter how you try and justify it.

  3. I leave my keys in my car, but there is also a note attached that says - "If you borrow it, please total it before returning it." Just in hopes that if someone really wants my car bad enough, I'll be able to get a new one when they're done.