random (follow-up).

the other day, i posted this:

so, the question of the day is....

if you are walking along and you pass a parked car that has keys in the ignition, should you be arrested for taking it?

i just think that leaving your keys in the ignition is just the same as asking someone to take it for a spin. if you didn't want someone to "borrow" your car, you shouldn't have left your keys in the ignition. just a thought.

think about it and get back at me.

i just wanted to clarify...please don't think that i agree with this logic, because i don't. far from, in fact.

awhile ago, i worked with a youth that did "borrow" someone's car and fully justified borrowing it with this logic. and when they arrived at my facility, they were quite upset that the police arrested them. i couldn't help but laugh at them, which probably wasn't appropriate, but seriously...where did this kid learn this logic? it was astonishing to me that this kid didn't fully understand why he had been arrested for car theft.

i gotta love my job...all kinds, i tell ya...all kinds.

that's all.


  1. haha! i could sense the sarcasm...i know you didn't agree!

  2. I don't know what you are talking about, that makes sense to me.

  3. so i wanted to comment a long time ago about this and never did....with a sleeping baby and the other playing in the tub, I finally can :)

    so me and my father in law argue about this...yes I am dumb but I always leave my keys in the car when I am at home. He says that if my car was stolen then it would technically and legally my fault. I agree with you but check this out:


    yeah...weird. I think I will continue to leave my keys in the car :)