real housewives with unreal hair.

approximately a week ago i caught an episode of this amazing show. i really haven't been a fan of the real housewives, but there is something absolutely fabulous about the "hot-lanta" housewives. especially kim. and the most amazing thing about her is her hair. i can't decide if it is real or not--which is probably why i can't stop watching...i'm waiting for the wig to fall off or the extensions to fall out. does anyone know if it is real? anyway, if you haven't ever watched this show, i highly recommend it. not because it is classy and sophisticated. simply because i can't stop laughing when i watch it. they are all train wrecks. some more so than others. that's all.


  1. what about her unreal skin color? orange is SO 2004.

  2. oh, you know it's not real, nothing is real

  3. i'm sure her hair is not real... along with many other parts on her body! i love your new header- very cute.