meandering thoughts.

a. i think that getting along with co-workers is essential to enjoying your job. it must really suck to go to work when you know full well you aren't going to get along with your co-workers.

b. i am super annoyed that i am getting sick...again. at least it is different, but still...annoyed.

c. i might have the funniest nephew alive. trust me on this one. evidence is coming soon.

d. i think that it just feels better to have a clean house. i think that it is harder to keep a dirty home that it is to keep one clean. just pick up after yourself...it's really not that hard.

e. i so wish that certain people would learn what "seperation of church and state" really means and then apply it to appropriate situations.

f. i also wish that certain people would learn how the democratic process works and then accept the outcome of that process.

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