happy birthday (belated).

i'm a very, very naughty aunt and completely neglected to properly celebrate my niece, lucie on her first birthday. i hope she will forgive me!

i can't believe that it has been a year already. and she has already changed so much since she left the great state of utah and headed to the northwest. (i wish they weren't so far away, but they are, so i am grateful for technology, digital pictures and blogs.)

happy birthday, my sweet cheeks!
you are so stinkin' cute and only gettin' cuter!
i hope you had a happy day.
(and i really am so sorry for forgetting.)

lucie on her blessing day.
love the binkie marks on her chubby cheekies.

gearing up to head out.
i seriously can't get enough of the cheeks.

because she is so close in age to her cousin, lillie, i will admit that i was making comparisons and i thought that lucie was always way more smiley than lillie, although i do think that they changed roles later on.

i can't believe how much she looks like her brother, jake, but she is such a girl.

probably the first smile i got out of her for a few months.

snacking on sand along the oregon coast.

again, happy belated birthday, my sweet cheeks!
i love you and miss you!

and a happy belated birthday to her daddy, too.
check out the celebrations here.

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