a little obsessed.

if you know me, you know that i am a sucker for a reality tv show. especially one that is about dancing. this explains my little obsession with a little known dancing reality show called dancing with the stars. i really didn't want to get into this season of dwts because sometimes i hate that i watch tv so much and that i get so involved with certain shows. but that plan flopped...big time. i even stopped watching prison break and heroes to watch dwts. i know, what is wrong with me? i'm not sure, but i seriously am a little obsessed. and the obsession was heightened by last week's results show for three reasons...brad paisley, the schwimmers and maksim chmerkovskiy.

first, i love brad paisley...always have and always will. 'nuff said.

second, i loved this dance by lacey and benji (both of whom come to us via another little known reality dance show, sytycd--which is probably why i like them so much).

and last, but most definitely not least, was this dance with my new boyfriend, maksim (for those of you who are not in the know, he is the tall one with the buzzed head).

and just in case you couldn't catch a good glimpse of my new boyfriend, here is a really, really hot picture of him prior to the new hair-do, courtesy of google images.

yeah, anyway.
reality tv.
new boyfriend.
that's all.

oh, and btw, i might have an added obsession with ballroom dancing now, too.
and i'm not crazy...i realize he's not really my boyfriend, just play along.


  1. you are obsessed and i love it.

  2. oh yes maksim is HOT. definitely.