turn up the radio.

a couple of christmases ago, my sister and brother-in-law gave me a car stereo. at the time, i had a car that was falling to pieces, so i didn't want to invest the time and energy installing that stereo into that car. so, at the time, i put the stereo into storage and completely forgot about it. a few weeks ago, i was reminded that i had it. i wasn't sure if i even cared enough to get it installed, but in the last couple of months, via sara, i've acquired a friend that is handy with cars and the likes...and the likes includes the ability to install car stereos. and so, today, because he is amazingly nice, said friend installed my stereo. and i'm pretty psyched about it.

this is the stock stereo that my lovely ford came with...blah, right?

i've never really thought about how it all goes together, but this is said friend pulling it all apart. pretty interesting, really.

luckily, he really does know how to install car stereos, otherwise, i would have been left with this gaping hole. well, probably not...i'm sure his dad, who was present during the installation, would have fixed it. hahaha.

my friend, sara, is on vacation in thailand and so i have been babysitting her child, roo. he hung out with us while said friend installed the stereo. he was pretty bored...can you tell? jk. he wasn't, really. he's pretty funny. gotta love roo-roo.

and this was the finished product. pretty pimpin'. i haven't fully tested it, but it is already way better than the stock stereo...obviously. there is one annoying thing about it and i haven't figured out why it does it, but i will...trust me, i will. and if i can't, said friend is probably fully capable of figuring it out.

it's good to have friends that are capable of doing tasks/projects that you are not. yes, this said friend is a keeper.

that's all.

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  1. oooh... i love capable people, the world needs more of them.