my mommy.

so, this is what i meant to post for mother's day...so very long ago. better late than never.

this is my mom...

...and i love her more than words. and i'm glad that she is my mommy. she is super talented (beyond words talented, to be honest). she is fun to tease (because she is super gullible). she was always there when we needed her...nothing like having a stay-at-home mom (thanks dad, for making that happen). she is deathly ticklish. she never goes anywhere without lipstick. she never takes sides (which can be extremely frustrating). she always listens and gives stellar advice. she introduced me to talk radio (which i love). she dislikes yardwork as much as i do. and she always told us to go outside and play...but to not get dirty (that's my favorite).

thanks, mommy, for being such an awesome mom. i love you.

ps. again, sorry that it took me so long to post this.

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  1. Oh, I know why you love your mom. And she is everything you say she is. Miss having you as neighbors. Love that I remember the very first time I met your mom as well as you! =] I heart all y'all!