i know i have talked about my love of music before, but it's an ever evolving love (so i will probably always talk about it). and i probably love music so much because it is ever evolving. the thing that i am most aware of right now, regarding music is that it truly can change your mood. for awhile now, i have been listening to country music, which is probably my most favorite. there is a song that plays a lot on country radio that makes me smile. i hear the first few notes and i have to smile. the tune and beat of the song are so cheerful to me, but the message of the song is what i love the most about it. here it is for your listening pleasure:

for me, the message is that we shouldn't take everything so seriously. "this, too, shall pass" comes to mind when i hear this song, but that may just be me. also, take it day by day. live for the now. i guess you can interpret the song how you'd like, but this is what i think when i hear it...and in turn, my mood changes. life is hard, but do-able. so be happy. and seriously, people really are crazy.

well, the other night on my way home from work, i heard a song that i've heard plenty of times before, but this time i actually listened to the words and i was moved. the message is similar to the above message, but maybe not so happy-go-lucky. here it is:

so, that's what i've been thinking.
just thought i'd share.
that's all.

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