(i stole this from my fb...i laughed at myself, so i'm sharing it here.)

and so now, in no particular order (except for the fact that they are numbered), here are 25 fun filled facts about moi.

1. i secretly (although, now it is not a secret) wish that i had the skills to be in musical theater. i would have set out to make it on broadway. but, since i don't have the skills, i will just settle with being a patron of musical theater. i just really, really like musicals. maybe almost too much...if there is such a thing as liking musical theater too much...but i don't think there is.

2. my ultimate career goal is independent wealth. i realize this is not a "career," but i would make it one. i am just having a hard time figuring out where the wealth will come from. it certainly will not come from my social work job with the state.

3. in all reality my ultimate career goal is "stay-at-home" anything. who wouldn't want to stay at home and work. i'd wear pajamas everyday and only shower every couple of days and i would never wear make-up. but i wouldn't leave the house like that. jk. i would totally leave the house.

4. i love music. all kinds of music. and when i say all kinds, i mean all kinds. i just got done listening to opera--luciano pavarotti--and now i am listening to kiss. i have music from 78 genres on my itunes.

5. i'm a grammar snob. and a spelling snob. probably more of a spelling snob, though. i just have to say this...it's called spell check, people. and it's real, real easy to use. red, squiggly lines mean you are wrong. fix it. it really is not that hard.

6. i live with eight dudes. i used to live with ten dudes. the weird part is that it's not really that weird anymore. it might be time to move.

7. i hate moving more than anything in the world. one of the worst days of my entire life involved moving. and just to give you a glimpse into why it was the worst day ever, the day started with me finding that my car had been towed. awesome. i wanted to kill someone. worst. day. ever.

8. i've been driving my new car for almost a year and i still don't feel like it's my car. i am still mad at my old car. stupid car. died, like it was old or something.

9. i can remember names of random people but i can't memorize the lyrics of songs i listen to regularly to save my life. i'm guessing knowing someone's name isn't going to save my life, but i will know your name like we are bffs. sometimes i pretend that i don't know people's names because it's embarrassing that i can remember them...i think it might seem creepy.

10. i do know all the lyrics to two of the most amazing songs ever written: making love out of nothing at all by air supply and bohemian rhapsody by queen. see number 4.

11. even though i can't memorize lyrics, you can recite lyrics to me and i can tell you what song it is. i just can't retain that information in my brain. i also can't memorize movie quotes. but dish me a movie quote and i'll tell you what movie it is from.

12. i truly wish i would have been a teenager in the seventies. sometimes i really think i was born in the wrong decade. but then i'd be old now, so maybe it's okay that i was only just born in the seventies.

13. i have a weird, weird obsession with surfing. i've never been surfing. and chances are that i probably won't ever go surfing (i know--never say never), but i still have a strange obsession. not sure where it started, but i love it. and, just because, i think the funniest thing about surfing is that hawaii is considered it's own "country." you can be from the united states, from australia, from france or from hawaii. apparently, when it comes to surfing, hawaii is "better" than the mainland.

14. when i was little, my uncle told me i was from another planet and that i would grow a tail when i turned 12. i believed him for a long time. i tried to tell my nephew he was from another planet and he didn't believe me. i was such a stupid kid.

15. one time, when i was little, my friend called to see if i wanted to go play at her house. i went to ask my mom if i could go and got sidetracked. i never asked and i didn't go back to the phone. we didn't realize the phone was off the hook for a few hours. i still feel guilty that i left my friend hanging.

16. i can't stand to sleep with anything on my feet, including blankets and sheets. except when my feet are cold. but it doesn't take long for them to warm up. and as soon as they are warm, i uncover them.

17. i'm ridiculously ticklish. thanks to my mother. who is far more ticklish than i.

18. sometimes i think that my life has been boring, but then i have a memory flash and realize that my life has been pretty awesome...thanks to an awesome family and incredible friends. especially incredibly funny friends.

19. i have a pretty sketchy past. i mean, not the crazy-been-arrested-crack-dealer kind of sketchy way...just in the lots-of-life-experiences kind of sketchy way.

20. when i was in first grade, my older brother was in fourth. we would ride the bus together in the morning, but i would get out before him and so i would have to ride the bus home alone. i didn't like this, so i lied to my teacher (who was my aunt's best friend) and told her that my mom got a job as a checker at smith's and so i had to wait for my brother to get out of school so i wouldn't be alone at home. i totally got busted at parent teacher conferences. i was in first grade. making up ridiculous lies. man, if i would have gotten away with that...i would have lied a lot more. good thing i got busted.

21. in third grade i got glasses but i was embarrassed, so i would wear them when i left my house and i took them off on the bus. i would put them back on after school, on the bus ride home. i totally got busted at parent teacher conferences. i had to wear them to the conference because i was with my mom and my teacher thought i got them that day. my mom wasn't real excited that i hadn't been wearing them. (btw--that parent teacher conference was the same day that the challenger shuttle exploded.)

22. i hated parent teacher conferences in elementary school.

23. i like to laugh. and i like to laugh a lot. but sometimes i am embarrassed because i know my laugh is loud and maybe a little annoying. but i still laugh, so i'm not too worried about it.

24. i used to think my mom was so weird because she only listened to talk radio. i am turning into my mother. i listen to talk radio all the time.

25. it took me way longer to write this list than i thought it would. i didn't want to repeat anything on my one hundred list on my blog, but i think that i may have. oh well.

phew. i'm glad that is over.


  1. i love the one about the names thing. i do it, too. as in, i don't want you to think i'm totally creepy for remembering your name from that one time we met 5 years ago....

  2. You are hilarious!! (is that spelled right?-I am the worst speller) Anyway, I didn't want the list to end. So funny.